MAP IT - Free - Make More of Your Marketing!

Come ready to not only create your one-page marketing map, but work on how to nurture and convert your leads, and retain your customers. This is a free event for small business owners who need to learn how to run their own marketing. You'll walk out with a greater understanding of how marketing activity all fits together, as well as all the tools required to write and execute your own marketing strategy. 

During the day, you will:

  • Create a one-page marketing strategy

  • Understand how different marketing activities fit together

  • Identify the core activities you need to focus on

  • Develop an understanding of what you could automate in your marketing

  • Understand some of the barriers you might have to new forms of marketing (and how to get over them

  • Learn how to create sales funnels that nurture interested people until they’re ready to make a purchase

  • Discover the power of Facebook advertising as we walk you through how it could work for your business.

  • Find out the single best way to grow a business and what it could do for you

  • Discover cool tips, tricks, methods and tools that help small businesses all over the world

  • Get practical help on your marketing

  • Identify key actions you can take the very next day to improve your marketing

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