Orchard $10 FriYAY

Taste coworking at The Orchard for just $10 every Friday! 

Did you know it takes on average about 5x visits to a co-working space before most people start to reap the rewards of random workmates and a desk away from home?!  
That is why we’ve gotten creative and launched ‘The Orchard $10 FriYAY’, A crazy new deal to get us through the rest of 2020. With this deal, you get to a seat in our hotdesking zone for just $10 every Friday!!
So make this quarter your best quarter!

 What is hot-desking?

 Why are we running a promo?



  • Deal is available to EVERYONE!
  • Hotdesking between the hours of 8am-5pm 
  • Option to stay later if you need to work late on a project

Where do I sign up?!: 

To take advantage of this crazy deal, email [email protected] , phone 09 4385110 or pop in and see us - we can sign you up right away.