MAP IT - Free Marketing Training for Small Business Owners If you’ve ever thought “Our business is awesome! Why is it that not enough people know that? (and buy from us)” then you need to come to MAP IT.

MAP IT is a marketing training course for small businesses, focused on how digital marketing, and marketing automation works and fits into your plan . It's designed to help you find ways to tell more of the right kind of people about your business ( the right people are people who PAY YOU, and tell others about you)

We’ll cover:
  • Understand how different marketing activities fit together
  • Identify the core activities you need to focus on
  • Develop an understanding of what you could automate in your marketing
  • Understand some of the barriers you might have to new forms of marketing (and how to get over them)
  • Learn how to create sales funnels that nurtures interested people until they’re ready to make a purchase
  • Discover the power of (proper) Facebook advertising as we walk you through how it could work for your business.
  • Find out the single best way to grow a business and what it could do for you
  • Discover cool tips, tricks, methods and tools that help small businesses all over the world Get practical help on your marketing
  • Identify key actions you can take the very next day to improve your marketing
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