Lunch Box Session - Making the most of Microsoft 365 TeamsABOUT The Speaker
Meet Andrew Fergus from @Computer. Andrew has been in the IT industry for 15+ years and it is most likely he’ll be the face you’ll see in their travels from business to business. Not only is Andrew an Apple Certified Sales Professional and a qualified teacher, but he has also worked in education and technology for many years. As a result, he is very good at explaining technical things in plain English.

✨Learn to make the Most of your Microsoft 365 Teams. Super relaxed, in person or online! Time for questions but ultimately we will cover:
✨Quick tour of Teams - where is everything?
✨Chats and Meetings - operating the communication side
✨Channels - how to build the architecture in your team
✨Bookings - how to get others to make appointments with you
✨Forms - Polls, surveys or pre-entry forms, QR Codes
✨Sharepoint - How to build smart solutions for complex problems

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