In this session we will cover:
  • An overview of the key platforms and what you could be doing on them and why
  • How to decide on the key platforms you’ll focus on
  • What to do with any social media platform you don’t need.
  • What is required for business owners, even with a marketing manager in play
  • How to build out a comprehensive and engaging content calendar
  • What metrics you really need to focus on, and which ones you can ignore
  • What you need to think about when it comes to images AND
  • Shortcuts, cool tools and super awesome advice
I promise you will:
  • Learn something
  • Will have actions you can take away and apply
  • Will not fall asleep. (but please do come caffeinated just in case!)
Why is this free?
We're steadfastly committed to adding value, and supporting small to medium business owners in New Zealand.
I can promise you it will be packed full of value and you will come out with actionable tasks, tips and ideas to incorporate into your business straight away
Who Should Come
This is for anyone who feels their business is hard to post about. You may be a business owner, or in charge of the marketing. Engineering, Accounting, Manufacturing, Service based business, B2B businesses.