Lunchbox Session | How to create a powerful marketing strategy

Conscious marketer and small business marketing strategy specialist Libby Evans from Thrive Marketing will be hosting this FREE lunchbox session where she will share the 5 keys to marketing strategy success.

This will cover:

- What is a marketing strategy (it’s different to a marketing plan!) and why it’s so important in a small business
- How a great marketing strategy can create a thriving business (that can rely less on advertising and manipulative marketing techniques)
- An overview of each of the 5 essential fundamentals - most often looked over by small businesses
- How to create a powerful marketing strategy that cuts through the clutter, attracts more customers (and the ones you want to work with) and positions your business to succeed.

If you are unable to attend in person, we will also be recording the session and posting the link to the Youtube video on our Facebook page after the event.