Sobre The Orchard

Come on in, your office is waiting.

Based in the centre of Whangarei, The Orchard is a dedicated hub for our growing community of entrepreneurs, start-ups and professionals who want to start, grow, and strengthen their business.

At its heart, The Orchard is an invitation to work how you want to. With a thriving community of like minds, a dynamic events calendar, and direct access to expert business advice, tools and professional support networks, it's the place to meet switched-on people and grow your business among a purpose-built environment.

Come part-time, full-time, anytime. Bring your laptop, take a seat, and Get. Stuff. Done! 

Our origin story

The Orchard started as a response to the fact that Northland is growing and more enterprising individuals are choosing to base their businesses here. Our region offers an unbeatable work/life balance, and has the support of the nation as an economy on the rise. What it needed was something to tie it all together - something that meant better access to local and national support for entrepreneurship and innovation, and that connected enterprising Northlanders with each-other to learn, get inspired, and collaborate.

So the bright sparks at Northland Inc (our regional economic development agency) got talking. What if there was a place where these like-minded folks base themselves and their work, all while getting a direct 'in' to services at the forefront of the local and national drive to support entrepreneurship? They took this conversation to their mates at the Northland Chamber of Commerce - who needed no convincing! - and with the later backing of the Northland Regional Council and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, The Orchard was born.

What we offer:

 We know that when great people get together, world-changing things happen. Here at The Orchard, we form the ecosystem to seed, nurture, and grow success.  Come join us, and start flourishing!


A place to develop your dreams!

We would love to show you around. Contact us to book your visit.