Clive McKegg [Clive]

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Most of my work is applying my auditing background to the cloud-based platform we have developed to assist financial Audit professionals, but the platform has much wider possibilities into any sort of assurance, review, compliance type work where instant online clear, secure cost-effective workflow is required. So come see me if you think we could help you.

My career has been in chartered accounting, including audits of small business and non-profit organisations. I graduated BCom (Auckland University) in 1982 and was admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1984. Worked for Hutchison Hull (now Deloittes) in audit for 3 years. I also worked in a number of second tier firms and smaller firms, starting his own practice in 2003 and selling in March 2010 to concentrate on Audit Assistant development, sales and training, while also undertaking further study, graduating GradDipTh (Laidlaw College) in 2011. I've worked part time on Audit Assistant while being involved with pastoral and community development work. This includes developing ideas around relocalisation being a trustee with Local Food Northland ( and also a trustee and in the leadership team of The HUB Church.

I'm a keen motorcyclist and wannabe mountain biker, plus I like building stuff :)